Nate Zukas

Nate Zukas has raced and worked in bike shops since 1991. As a big DIY guy, he decided to refinish one of his own frames which led to refinishing teammates and finally customer frames. That work naturally led him to

Email problems the last few weeks

I have been poking around my email and just found that a bunch of emails sent directly from the Contact form are going to my junk mail. I pride myself on good communication so this is a bit disconcerting. If

Aspide #3 for Mike in Philly

Mike F. rides Selle San Marco Aspide’s and lives in Philly. He heard about me through a friend who had an SLR done in oxblood leather. I seem to have a lot of customers from Philly. How they heard about

Getting back to work

My house remodel is mostly complete and my family is back home after nearly 6 months. Last night I spent several hours in my shop cleaning out the boxes that were stored there and going through every order in the

Why is your saddle taking so long?

Back in the spring I posted a notice of a slowdown in work because of a remodel project on my house. Well the remodel is going full bore. During this process the power has been cut to my shop. As

Custom one-piece saddle and post for John H.

A while back John emailed me with an intriguing request.  John had a custom one-piece saddle and post made for him by Berk (need URL). It was just a carbon shell and he needed some padding and a new leather

Red Turbomatic for Evan

Evan found me on the Velocipede Salon forums and emailed me about his Turbomatic 2. This was the first one I had been requested so it was intriguing. The saddle arrived and it had several plastic pieces on the rear

Five saddles for Rob

One of my imaginary internet friends that found me via The Paceline Forum has a thing for bikes. He loves to find great pre-owned frames, fix them up and source the parts from fellow forum members for the build. Over

Please consider sharing this

Some friends of our family are doing an unbelievably nice thing for us.  I am consistently overwhelmed by the generosity people, friends and complete strangers alike, towards our family.  Please take a moment to read a bit about my youngest

Early notice of slowdown

I am about to embark on a home remodel project that will require my family to move out of our house for a few months. Since my workshop is in the house, I am not going to have access to