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Some friends of our family are doing an unbelievably nice thing for us.  I am consistently overwhelmed by the generosity people, friends and complete strangers alike, towards our family.  Please take a moment to read a bit about my youngest

Early notice of slowdown

I am about to embark on a home remodel project that will require my family to move out of our house for a few months. Since my workshop is in the house, I am not going to have access to

Recovered Saddle in the wild

By now I’ve got 400+ saddles roaming around.  With the new koozies and stickers being sent out, there is a lot of Recovered Saddle stuff floating around.  I get lots of pictures of customer bikes.  I try and post them

A fresh new image

We here at Recovered Saddle World HQ have been yapping about website redesigns for a long time now. Over a year ago, I had a site nearly ready to go and ended up scrapping the entire thing. I finally got

Stitching saddle covers

I am working through the process of adding a bit of decorative stitching to the saddle covers. I have done several test saddles and they are looking good. The process still needs a bit of refinement but I’m comfortable enough

Len J’s red leather

Len J has been one of my imaginary internet friends for a long time. He has impeccable taste in bikes and always been generous with advice on any number of subjects. He even reviewed and edited my resume when I

Adam B. Pinarello Dogma

Adam B. in the UK wanted his Arione recovered in red faux. He said he had a new bike being delivered. I suggested that maybe red leather with matching bar tape would be more appropriate and he agreed. I recovered

More leather, a fresh website and stitching

A few weeks back I mentioned some changes coming.  Well some of them are here. The website redesign is barreling down, full-force, on me.  Wireframes are complete and the first few drafts of the graphic design are looking great.  Everything

The next few months

It’s been nearly three years since I started this business.  It has grown bigger and faster than I ever imagined.  Demand keeps growing daily and it’s virtually impossible to keep up.  To help streamline things a bit, over the next

The problem with Regals

Due to the complexity of Selle San Marco Regal construction and the difficulty in finding replacement rivets for them, I have decided to stop taking orders for these saddles. I have done a few in the past and had a